Our aim is to provide helpful resources to the community during and beyond COVID-19



At OB-Motion, we consider ourselves as growth partners, empowering our clients to thrive and make an impact. We provide not just a service but peace of mind. Through our interactive communication channels, comprehensive quality control system and user-friendly financial reports (MFACT ®) we have differentiated ourselves from the traditional accounting practice.

We have also partnered ourselves with other professionals in the industry to give our clients the best solution and support possible.


Khalri, short for KALAHARI (South Africa), was the heart of my childhood. It was a hot, but joyful place, filled with love and caring people. 

The forming years of a child (0-10 years), is proven to have a lifelong effect on how they look at life. The town Kathu, in the Kalahari, shaped my outlook on life. I had a magical childhood. It was wonderful and slow at the same time. People working on the mines, farmers struggling with droughts, teachers and parents and churches taking hands and helping each other.


Our purpose is to connect people to people and people to purpose. We are trusted partners supporting you in exploring and reaching your full potential and optimal performance.

In 2007 Elna founded the business, Esterhuizen Consulting, where she focused on Executive, Senior, Junior and Middle management, as well as graduate assessments and talent management. In April 2016 Daniel joined the business.  

We combine our engineering and psychology mind-sets to provide integrated business solutions and value-add.


Holistic U Coaching provides guidance, support and accountability in the following areas:  Weight management, Increasing energy, exercise support, getting better and restful sleep. 


With a passion for cooking and exercise Leana develops her own recipes and can guide you how to incorporate gluten free, sugar free and plant based meals into your diet that she cannot wait to share with you.


Rata Social Services – Since 1948 we have been changing lives, by growing the potential of all vulnerable children, families and communities.   As a registered welfare organisation we dedicate ourselves to enhance the quality of life of all people through the protection of children against all forms of abuse, implementation of programmes to strengthen family bonds and to uplift communities through outreach programmes. We invest emotionally in people. At least 54,000 people benefited from our services during the past year. We believe in the potential of every individual to become the best that they can be with what they have.


The national lockdown could be an emotionally taxing time. We will gladly assist with a free online conversation to help you make sense of your circumstances.  The counsellors on this platform are reverends of the Dutch Reformed church.


“Simcha means a joyful celebration of unique outcomes; a resistance strategy to problem stories.” We love sunflowers because they hold their faces to the sun and at darker times, they turn to each other. The vision is to assist individuals, families, and communities from all walks of life achieve freedom from substance, alcohol and process addictions and other harmful patterns of behaviour.  The mission is fourfold. To facilitate healing and support for people in communities nationwide in order to re-enter productive and fulfilling home and work context without isolation. To bring relief and restore dignity to people living with addiction and substance abuse. To train and equip facilitators to provide recovering services to all. To demonstrate commitment to excellence and provision of equitable services to all those affected by addiction through ongoing research and evaluation of all our programs, processes and services. Simcha Recovery is a registered, non-profit organization in the Republic of South Africa. NPO Nr 232834.


Coram Deo was conceived of in the late 1990’s and registered as a not-for-profit driven company in 2003. Accredited through the University of Pretoria, we offer specialised training in a narrative approach that is generally described as pastoral but non-doctrinal in nature. It means that we are not going to dictate to people what to believe.  We are not a church. We have partners in different faith communities. The tradition of a narrative approach, especially in conversation with theological discipline make us aware that faith and religion can hurt as much as it gives meaning to our lives.  We are a Christian organisation and sees our mission as following the heart of God and God’s work in the world as revealed in Christ.  We see our work with people as facilitating what God is doing in the lives of people and communities and strongly situate ourselves in giving a voice to the voiceless, the marginalised, the powerless. As part of this mission we situate our work in the many passages of the Bible that call on believers not to judge. Coram Deo (being a general name in the industry) finds synergy with other entities and partners that may bear the description Coram Deo but who does not necessarily have an official relationship with Coram Deo Pastoral Centre NPC.


Plesion’s long-term goal is to provide effective, sustainable service to the communities in our country. Together with our partners, our dream is to provide sustainable funding in such a way that our partners can focus on their speciality fields, without having to balance their time, resources and expertise between their own fundraising and the real services they provide. We dream of a better world, built on the love for our neighbours that Jesus taught us in the parable of the Good Samaritan.


Swartkop is a congregation in the Netherdutch Reformed Church of Africa and situated in Eldoraigne, Centurion. We want to reach out and support our community in these trying times. Our reverends are available for conversation and pastoral care online where needed at no cost. We are also exploring the possibility of taking hands with the broader community to assist with needs beyond the spiritual.